The Fume hood the protection of the environment, working personnel, and the protection of the integrity of the samples. Fume Hood is one such product of ours which contributes to the same. This particular exposure maintainer in any controlled room is important because it protects one from toxic fumes of various chemicals. Alpha Linear’s fume hoods are designed to work with both standard and low flow of fumes. We specialize in manufacturing fume hoods as laboratory fume hood manufacturers.   There are two main types of fume hoods manufactured by fume hood manufacturers in Bangalore that are utilized in the majority: ducted and ductless fume hoods. By concept, the principle functions for both fume hoods are the same; airflow is pulled in from the open side of the hood, but then differ in concept by the ducted fume hood pushing air out of the building and the ductless fume hood dispersing through a filtration system and recirculating air back into the room.