Mobile laf/ Mobile Trolley

Mobile Trolley (Mobile Laminar Airflow Unit) is designed for transporting sterile products like Rubber Stopper, cap seals, Sterile garments, Vials, and Ampoules under ISO Class 5/Class 100 particle-free work area for storing sterile products to meet Pharma needs while making a positive contribution to maintaining the cleanliness of your controlled cleanroom environment. The work area is continuously supplied with positive pressure HEPA filtered recirculate vertical or horizontal air flow. Our range of mobile trolley cabinet is available in various specifications as per the client’s requirements. Mobile Laminar Air Flow’s Battery Operated Function to provide the Class 100/ISO 5 Particle Area While moving material from one area to another area. Mobile Laminar Air Flow can be designed with as-built dimensions or Standard with Airflow as Horizontal as well as vertical as per customer requirement.